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As soon as the lane is opened, we can display all the information bowlers need to get to the right place. An oversized lane number, the names of the bowlers, the name of the group for reservations, or the name of the team and of the event for leagues and tournaments—are automatically displayed.

There is also the option to add a custom picture for each lane, which can be chosen when the lane is opened, or even preset in advance for reservations and competitive events. You can make it a truly personalized experienced.


Customized Bowling Background



The new high definition signature grids let companies or groups use their logo or favorite image as the scoring background—by loading a picture at the front desk, or by taking one right at the lane with the camera-equipped LCD console

Classic Animated Qupees (bowling pin characters) make bowling more exciting than ever. The Classic environment features over 200 fun animations.


Bubble Gum Designed for families, children and those that are children at heart. Bubble Gum features a plastic, toy like animated game grid and a very large animation library.


Sports The environment for the serious sports fan. Teens and adults, men and women all love seeing action happen as the result of their shot. Sport themed game grids and a cast of video clips and animations make this an exciting environment that everyone enjoys.


Vintage Go back to the good old days in the Vintage environment with its graphics of decades gone by. The retro feel carries over into game grids as well as animated characters for one truly unique look all while enjoying the luxuries of BES X.


Rocky Road Race This environment and game creates a fun competition among lanes that’s a real interactive battle and race to the finish. Great way to reinforce team building!


YouToons Take the guests inside the game. Once they take pictures of themselves, YouToons merges those images into the scoring animations, turning the guest into hilarious characters on the screen as they bowl. It’s great for corporate or team-building events, and even includes a “boss” character showcasing that critical role in the organization. YouToons even offers a customized giveaway for guests to take home.


Choose from:

Individual—Traditional Bowling—each player records their own score, taking up to 2 shots per frame to record the best possible score. 

Scotch Doubles—Traditional Bowling—usually played in a mixed gender format, this partners event has one person throwing the 1st ball per frame and the partner picking up whatever is left, if anything. The same person throw the 1st ball for the entire game and then the partners switch the order the next game.

Crazy Bowl—Can be bowled as singles or doubles.  Each frame has a unique set of instructions on how to roll the ball down the lanes (e.g. opposite hand from normal, while holding someone else’s hand, etc.) The center can provide a frame-by-frame example for your review. 

Teams—Create a team of 2,3,4,5 or 6 bowlers.  Scores can be combined OR using the Best Ball / Best Frame option, a new VIRTUAL Best Ball Score can be created to level the playing field for everyone.


Alternative Game Formats

3-6-9 The 3rd, 6th, and 9th frames are automatically awarded as “strikes” for all bowlers. Or choose whatever frames you want, between frames 1 - 9...maybe 2, 4, 8 or 1, 2, 3...the options are limitless.


No Tap (7, 8, or 9-pin) No tap allows the bowlers to get credit for a strike when they knock down 7, 8, or 9 pins, depending on the option you choose.


Low Ball In “Low Ball” bowlers try to knock down the least amount of pins possible. However, you must knock down at least one pin on each shot. If you throw a gutter on the first ball, you get a strike. Likewise, if you throw a gutter, or get no pins on your second ball, you receive a spare for that frame. The perfect game in “Low Ball” is a score of 20.


Best Frame A new “virtual bowler” is created at bottom of bowler list. Once all bowlers have completed bowling each frame, the system selects the best frame and assigns the score to the new “virtual bowler” Frames are filled in on a ball by ball basis. This is great for team building and fun tournaments.


Best Ball Like in “Best Frame” a new “virtual bowler” is created. System automatically carries down the best ball of each frame of a series to produce the best game. A great game for fun style tournaments where the best ball from each player is compared to produce the best team game.


Odds & Evens Based on the No Tap rules with a twist. If you role an even value your score will be recorded as a strike. If you roll an odd value, your score will be the pin count plus a spare.


Even Better The player must bowl an even number of pins, but not a strike. If the player knocks down an even number of pins, his score is normally recorded. If the player knocks down an odd number of pins or a strike or a gutter, the score will be zero.


Odd Duck The player must bowl an odd number of pins, and not a strike. If the player knocks down an odd number of pins, his score is normally recorded. If the player knocks down an even number of pins or a strike or a gutter, the score will be zero.


Extreme Skill Games

Head Hunter—Object is to HIT the HEAD Pin WITHOUT getting a Strike. To score the ball must hit the HEADPin.


Last Pin Standing  - Object is to HIT as many pins as possible WITHOUT hitting the HEAD PIN.

Global Game Enhancements

Global Games create interactive fun that involves a designated number of lanes. A great way to generate excitement with special events groups where FUN is the name of the game.


Rocky Road Race This environment and global game joins lanes together in a competition, a real interactive battle and race to the finish. Establish all the racing rules, see the cars racing on the track, and watch animated characters bring it all to life.


Strike Challenge MMS Strike Challenge is a fun way to compete for prizes within the group. This game displays on the Multi-Media System (MMS monitors, projection screens or the middle-monitor in triple overhead configurations) and not on the overhead monitors. A game that resembles a car race MMS Strike Challenge is a game based on skill and only gives a result (an arrow) when the result of the throw is a strike. The winner of the race is the player that reaches the pre-determined strikes per race.


Poker is an ability, or skill, game. Each player is given a Hot Shot and if the player succeeds in the Hot Shot they are given a poker card. The goal is for the player to achieve enough Hot Shots in order to receive a full poker hand. Once the player receives 5 cards, then he/she can choose to exchange a card for every Hot Shot. Competition can be per lane or per pair. There is one winner per lane or pair of lanes.


Red Pin Head Pin This is the revolution of the classic Red Pin Frame game where there was one red pin amongst 10 pins, except with this version you don’t have to physically use a red pin. A red pin will appear on the monitor. The red pin frame image is displayed in the lower left hand corner of the lane monitor where the red pin continuously changes position. The players will also get the chance to get a hot shot when the red pin is in the head position. This is a skill game as the hot shot has to be made in order to win.


Striker is an ability, or skill, game. It is played on the lane(s) selected. A player from those lanes will be randomly selected to make a strike within that particular frame. If the player selected does make a strike, then they are rewarded, usually with a prize given out by the center. If the chosen person does not make a strike, then the opportunity is randomly given to another player.

Chance Game Enhancements

Global Games create interactive fun that involves a designated number of lanes. A great way to generate excitement with special events groups where FUN is the name of the game.

Lucky Train At the given time, a bell rings and a steam train crosses all lanes, attracting everyone’s attention. The train stops, leaving a wagon in front of each lane. All the wagon doors open and one of the wagons wins. Arrows on the other wagons point to the lane of the lucky winner.


Sledgehammer is a game of chance, in which a character hits a lever with a sledgehammer and attempts to make the bell ring. The animation appears on the lane monitors after every frame with the character attempting to hit the bell. It is the center who determines what the Hot Shot will be, and how many prizes will be awarded. Achieving the Hot Shot triggers the game.


Lane Lotto is a chance game, based on luck. Similar to regular lotto, several balls are picked and a winner is selected. Several balls will roll onto the screen, and once the customer receives 4 of the same color balls, the customer wins.


Mega Slot is a chance game, based solely on luck, in which prizes are awarded randomly. Depending on the settings pre-defined when a session is created, the game selects a winner, whom receives a prize. This game displays animations that resemble a slot machine and a winner is selected when 3 identical symbols are displayed.


Magic Wheel is a chance game, based solely on luck. A game wheel, or animation, will randomly pop up on the screen with the words “win” or “lose”. The wheel will spin for a certain amount of time (which is set by the center), and then will stop on either “win” or “lose”. If the wheel stops on Win, then the player wins the game (usually with a prize given out by the center). If the wheel stops on Lose, then the player loses and gets nothing.


Christmas Wheel is a chance game, based solely on luck. A game wheel with the words “win” or “lose” will randomly pop up on the screen. A game wheel with the words “win” or “lose” will randomly pop up on the screen. If the wheel stops on Win, then the player wins the game (usually with a prize given out by the center). If a player loses, an animated Santa Claus gives the player a small present and if the player wins, an even bigger gift is given by Santa Claus.

Totally Different Formats

Character Factory—Construct the most original and hilarious character avatar with your best shots! Your character takes shape as your score increases starting with the body, then the legs until the character is complete. Build the coolest creature and take it home! 


Monster Factory—Construct the most original and crazy monster with your best shots! Your monster takes shape as your score increases starting with its body, then the legs until the monster is complete. Build the coolest creature and take it home! Aim of the game is to create an avatar associated with each player. Starting from a neutral model, the different parts of the monster (head, body ...) will be customized after each frame (5 frames/5 changes).


Battle On The Lanes—Welcome to the age of castles! Throw the ball to fling stones with your catapult and destroy the enemy castle. Bowl after bowl, game after game, expand your kingdom and smile as the enemy fort crumbles to the ground. This Mad Game is a shorter format, fast-paced game designed to entertain and engage the customer. If the player is connected to Facebook with GameConnect, the castle will be posted on his/her wall.


Bowlin’ Hood—Enter the archery competition, shoot your arrows, score a bull’s-eye and become the hero of the kingdom! Challenge your opponents in the presence of the king, princes and princesses, and fight for honor with your best shot. The archery competition is about to take place, be part of it! Aim of the game is to center a target according to the logic of archery. The “archery” score for each shot depends on the bowling score and on the bowler level. The skill level can be selected for each bowler before starting the game.

Other Activities

Laser Tag—Fun for all ages. Players utilize laser packs to shoot each other and targets in the room. Play can be individual, team and combination play.


Miniature Golf (May-Dec) - 18 holes of Indoor miniature golf is available on a per person basis or as part of a full facility rental.


Rock Climbing—Choose from our 3' — 20’ High Rock Climbing Walls.

Food & Beverage Options

A wide variety of Food and Beverage options exits.  For Beverages drink tickets are commonly used where attendees receive a coupon good for 1 drink.  These can be soft drinks or alcohol whatever your group desires.

On the Food side you can Pre-Order Pizzas, give tickets to allow people to order their own Pizza, or choose from several of our catering options.  These options include Chicken Breasts, Bar-B-Q sandwiches, Lunch Meat, Hamburgers, Hot Dogs as well as Chips, Dips, Appetizers, the list goes on.



Redemption Arcade Options


Our Redemption Arcade is a big hit with the kids.  All games utilize tokens and these may be purchased by your organization or by the participants.  Most of our games generate tickets which can be redeemed at our new Prize Counter. 


How Do You Want to Play

This is the most important question of all as it will determine your pricing model.  Every activity can be played by the Game—including Rock Climbing, Laser Tag and Miniature Golf or can be unlimited for a specific period of time.  You can also mix and match. For example have 2 hours of bowling and 1 round of Laser Tag / Miniature Golf / Rock Climbing.

A key component in determining the answer to this question is how structured do you want your event?  Do you want everyone doing the same thing at the same time, or will be people be on their own to do whatever activities they want in a set period of time.  The combinations are virtually limitless.  It is all about what you want the experience to be.

Our staff will help you build an experience as unique as you want it to be—custom fit to your expectations.


Pricing Options

Activities—The size of the group, budget for the event and the type of experience you want to create, really dictate pricing.  Packages can be priced per person, per lane, or by time.  For large groups a Full Facility Rental (2 hour minimum) can be done, which includes Bowling, Laser Tag, Miniature Golf and Rock Climbing (day of week and time of day restrictions apply).

Beverages—If your organization is looking to provide drinks to attendees, Drink Tickets may be used.  The organization pays for a set number of tickets and attendees turn those into our beverage station at the time of order.

Food—In the same fashion as beverages, food may be re-ordered or Food Tickets can be given to attendees which can be turned in for food items agreed upon in advance.  In addition, your organization can order from our catering menu for a set price.

These options have all been created to give you the flexibility to custom build an event which meets exactly what you looking to achieve in an outing.  Let our staff help you build the perfect 

How To Create Your Own Experience

If you have some idea what you want to do, you need simply contact Plum Hollow Family Center and have a party planner help you finalize your event.

If you are uncertain as to the type of experience you want to create, we suggest attending one of our Corporate Party “Trial Experience” days.  In a 1 1/2 hour session, you will get to see a small taste of virtually every experience we have to offer. 

These sessions are normally held on Weekdays during the early afternoon and will include both activities and food samples.  The list of upcoming Trial Experience dates are listed on our website (www.bowldixon.com).  To reserve your spot, you can email plumhollowfc@bowldixon.com  or call and speak with a party coordinator at 1-815-288-7102.  Space is limited and is only open to qualified Company representatives. Book your spot today.


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